The Bonneville Shop and Girling parts for classic Triumph, Norton and BSA motorcyclesGenuine Girling Parts for Your Vintage Triumph, Norton and BSA.

Brakes: The Girling name is a legacy brand that dates back to the 1920s and has long been known for innovation and quality brake parts. A completely new lineup of motorcycle brake components are now available at The Bonneville Shop. Replicating the original equipment as specified for BSA, Norton, and Triumph motorcycles we carry brake shoes, brake rotors, and master cylinder assemblies and parts.

Suspension: Girling has long been associated with outstanding rear suspension units and was the original equipment supplier of shocks to the majority of the British motorcycle manufacturers dating back to the 1950s. Their latest generation of shocks feature new innovations, such as a unique dual locknut system that allows for easy disassembly and spring pre-load adjustment. An assortment of various sized bushing sleeves also allows fitment of one specification to various models.

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