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Triumph Genuine Girling Rear Brake Reservoir Assembly (1) PN# 83-5465G


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SKU: 633726164192 Categories: , , Tags: , , OE Number: 83-5465 F15465Year: 1975-1983Make: TriumphModel: TR7, T140, T650 Brands:

The Girling name is a legacy brand that dates back to the 1920s and has long been known for innovation and quality brake parts. A completely new lineup of motorcycle brake components are now available replicating the original equipment as specified for BSA, Norton, and Triumph motorcycles.

The Girling rear brake reservoir assembly is supplied complete with the reservoir block, reservoir cup, cap and washer, diaphragm, o-ring, and outlet stub. Genuine UK-made quality.

The reservoir cup assembly supplies the master cylinder with hydraulic fluid through a delivery hose. The entire assembly is sealed with an o-ring between the reservoir cup and block, and a copper washer at the junction for the outlet spigot.

The reservoir cup assembly is preassembled and ready for fitment to the coil tray. Once the brake bleeding process is confirmed, and the reservoir has been topped off with new fluid, the rubber diaphragm is fitted to the interior of the cap with the paper washer in place. The diaphragm is compressed to obviate contamination to the fluid once the cap is tightened to seal the cup.


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