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The Bonneville Shop’s collection of vintage Triumph parts is one of the largest in the industry. Whether a 500, 650 or 750, we have quality parts for your bike at a great price. Gaskets, exhaust pipes, fenders, engine parts, transmission spares, seats and more are in stock and ready to ship. We carry the top trusted brands including, Hepolite, Speedwell, Lucas, Girling, Amal, Kibblewhite and more.

Triumph Exhaust Systems: Elevate your riding experience with a meticulously crafted exhaust system. Choose from stainless steel, chrome, or blackened finishes to complement your Triumph’s aesthetics while delivering an unmistakable and refined tone. Whether you have a Bonneville or Daytona, we have a large selection of pipes and accessories.

Vintage Triumph Seats: Experience unparalleled comfort and sophistication with a finely crafted seat. Carefully designed to seamlessly integrate with your Triumph, this seat not only enhances your riding pleasure but also upholds the timeless appeal of your motorcycle. We also have budget seats or just the cover if you’re working on a budget.

Vintage Triumph Handlebars and Controls: Opt for an authentic riding position with a meticulously engineered handlebar set. Or tailor your ride with your preferred handlebar rise that gives both ergonomic excellence and a classic aesthetic.

Lucas Style Lighting: Illuminate the rear of your Triumph with a Lucas-style taillight, a beacon of classic design. This tasteful addition not only serves a practical purpose but also pays homage to the historical design elements that define the Triumph legacy.

Triumph Badges and Decals: Restore the original allure of your Triumph with authentic engine badges and decals. Imbue your motorcycle with a sense of heritage and identity, preserving the historical significance of the Triumph brand.

Triumph Electrical Upgrades: Whether you need a new stator, wiring harness or looking to upgrade to an electrical start, The Bonneville Shop offers tons of Triumph parts to choose from.

Triumph Forks & Shocks: Prioritize ride comfort and stability with Triumph suspension spares. From Hagon to Girling parts are engineered to meet the highest standards, these components deliver optimal suspension performance while preserving the classic stance of your motorcycle.

Triumph Rims and Fenders: Elevate your Triumph’s performance and aesthetics with alloy, chrome, or stainless rims to match the original appearance of your ride. With both UK made CWC and Japanese made Excel rims they off top handling capabilities, ensuring a smooth and responsive ride.

TBS is also the US distributer of UK made Speedwell mudguards. Check out what Stacy has to say about these quality spares.

Stacy from The Bonneville Shop talks about Speedwell Mudguards

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