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British Motorcycle Tools

When dealing with older motorcycles, especially vintage models, it’s essential to have the right tools to ensure proper maintenance and repairs.  At our shop, we carry a huge selection of tools to help you repair and restore your Triumph, Norton, and BSA. Anyone who has owned a vintage British motorcycle knows it comes with its own set of challenges and you want to ensure you have the right tool for the job.

Hand Tools

The right spanners and sockets are essential when dealing with vintage Brit bikes. If you’re new to Triumph, Norton or BSA, check out our tech blog on The Nuts and Bolts of Hardware.

Taps and Dies

A British Standard Pipe (BSP) or Cycle Engineers Institute (CEI) tap set is an ideal addition to any serious vintage British motorcycle mechanic’s tool cabinet, as the sets includes both a leading and bottoming tap for cleaning and restoring threads in many British motorcycles from the 1930s through the early 1980s. A must have for both shops and hobbyists alike we carry a range of dies for chasing those hard-to-get threads.

Specialty Tools

For jobs that require a specific tool, our catalog is fully stocked. Working on your wheels? Use the 6-in-1 spoke wrench and the K&L Wheel Truing & Balance Stand. Forks require a range of tools to get the job done; Check out this video where Stacy explains the variety of fork tools we stock.

Brakes and Clutches

Need to bleed your brakes or hydraulic clutch? This Deluxe Vacuum Tester Kit makes easy work of the job. Clutch locking tools are in-stock for your Triumph, Norton or BSA.

More Tools

Parts Books and Manuals

Whether you have a Triumph, Norton or BSA, we have a large selection of parts books and manuals.

And that’s not all; we have over 100 tools. Getting the job done the easiest way possible and getting the job done right can be done with the proper tools. The quality and durability of our tools are a testament to our commitment to supporting the vibrant community of vintage British motorcycle owners. Whether you’re undertaking routine maintenance, a comprehensive engine overhaul, or fine-tuning the delicate components of your motorcycle, our comprehensive inventory is your one-stop solution.


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