Triumph Norton BSA etc Lucas Electrical Tool Kit With Connectors PN# TBS-0666


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Crucial toolkit for properly terminating British wiring!

We’ve assembled this tool and connector kit after numerous customers approached us asking for a one-stop solution for repairing Lucas wiring harnesses on vintage British motorbikes. Similar toolkits sell for $200+ elsewhere, buy ours and save!!! Built around our proper Lucas crimping tool, simply the best tool money can buy for attaching Lucas bullet connectors without the hassle of soldering every connection. Our crimping tool leaves a clean hexagonal crimp just like the later factory finish for British bikes and cars, and it will not destroy connectors the way the cheaper 2 & 4 sided crimping tools do. Minimum wire size should be 18 gauge.

Kit includes:

1x hex crimping tool

1x bullet closing tool

20x 2mm brass bullet connectors

20x 1mm brass bullet connectors

20x 1mm tinned bullet connectors

20x single female sleeve connectors

10x double female sleeve connectors

For additional bullet connectors CLICK HERE

For additional sleeve connectors CLICK HERE

Please note: Due the nature of the product, we unfortunately do not accept returns on bearings, service tools or electrical components. Please be confident about your purchase before ordering. If you have questions, please contact us.

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