Triumph Norton BSA Lucas Bullet Connector 900269 Hex Crimping Tool (1) PN# TBS-0394


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Simply the best tool money can buy if you’re attaching non solder bullet connectors. Specifically designed for Lucas crimp type bullets on British wiring harnesses. Leaves a clean hexagonal crimp just the same as the later factory finish. Minimum wire size should be 18 gauge.


Please note: Due the nature of the product, we unfortunately do not accept returns on bearings, service tools or electrical components. Please be confident about your purchase before ordering. If you have questions, please contact us.

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One thought on “Triumph Norton BSA Lucas Bullet Connector 900269 Hex Crimping Tool (1) PN# TBS-0394

  1. Very highly recommend this tool. Price is staggering, but that is the cost of quality tool that actually works. This tool is indeed professional quality. You will not regret buying this tool. There is no other tool sold that can give original hex crimp like factory used. The hex crimp holds wire better than the less costly pinch crimper that is on the market. Way easier than soldering. Works especially good for replacing broken alternator wire bullets.
    Using tool takes a little practice. Depending on bullet size & conductor size you can over-crimp & distort bullet.
    Too thin of conductor for the bullet in hand the wire will pull out.
    It is important to understand the relationship between bullet inside diameter, wire diameter & how much to crimp bullet. Bullets for sale here at Bonnie Shop are sized for Triumph 14 strand wire, or AWG 16,18 size (C314 bullet). Other size wire needs bullet with larger or smaller ID hole. 4 sizes of bullets are made for AWG from 20 through 12 gauge strand wire.
    Using crimper, you strip wire, place conductor into fully into bullet. Place recess of bullet in crimper jaws. Jaws are sized just right for recess.
    Squeeze crimpers until bullet is crimped & conductor is held tight. The ratchet on pliers keeps jaws from opening until jaws are fully closed very tightly, then ratchet auto releases.
    However, this formula only works with specific wire size in specific size bullet. C314 bullet with Triumph 14 strand or 18 AWG wire. 16AGW it tends to over crimp.
    This is where practice comes in. Get several spare bullets. On the bench practice with Triumph 14 strand if possible. At least practice with both 16&18AWG wire & get the feel of it. Try to pull wire out hard as you can. It should break wire before it pulls out. I find with 16g I stop crimp just before auto release. You can turn knob & release ratchet whenever you want or need to.
    Auto release works good with Triumph 14 strand & C314 connectors sold here at Bonnie Shop
    Once you get the hang of it you can make perfect crimps every time very quickly that will never pull off. It conductor sticks out past bullet tip, simply cut it off flush.
    Triumph 14 strand wire means original Triumph wire that has 14 copper strands inside it. Probably Imperial (British) 18G which is slightly fatter than 18AWG.
    Tip, put a few drops of motor oil on all the pivots & moving joints of crimper. Gives it really smooth operation.

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