Vintage Norton Parts

We carry a wide array for vintage Norton parts at The Bonneville Shop. Whether you ride a Commando or Atlas, we carry both authentic Andover Norton and aftermarket parts.

Engine Components

Gaskets, bearings, pistons, crankshafts, camshafts, and other internal parts.

Suspension Parts

Suspension components are crucial for the handling and stability of the motorcycle. Also, we carry forks, seals, shocks from top brands such as Girling and Progressive Suspension.

Electrical Components

Vintage Norton motorcycles featured electrical systems that may require replacement or restoration. In addition, we carry parts such as wiring harnesses, ignition systems, lighting components, and switches fall into this category.

Body and Frame Parts

Body parts, including fuel tanks, seats, fenders, and headlight shells, are essential for restoring the original look of these bikes.

Exhaust Systems

Quality pipes and silencers will get your vintage Norton motorcycle back to its original beauty. Whether you want peashooters, cocktail share or upswept megaphone tulip mufflers – we’ve got you covered.

Brake and Wheel Components

Vintage Norton motorcycles featured drum and disc brake systems. Also, we have brake pads, shoes, calipers, and wheel components are essential for maintaining and restoring the braking system.

Transmission Parts

Transmission components, including gears, clutches, and gearboxes, are critical for the proper functioning of the motorcycle.

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