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BSA A50 A65 1969-1970 13.4″ Genuine Girling 110 lb Spring Rate Open Chrome Shocks PN# TBS-50327 S4971


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SKU: 633726164246 Categories: , , , Tag: OE Number: S497Year: 1969-1970Make: BSAModel: BSA A50R, A65F, A65L, A65T Brands:

Girling has long been associated with outstanding rear suspension units, and was the original equipment supplier of shocks to the majority of the British motorcycle manufacturers dating back to the 1950s. Their latest generation of shocks feature new innovations, such as a unique dual locknut system that allows for easy disassembly and spring pre-load adjustment. An assortment of various sized bushing sleeves also allows fitment of one specification to various models.

This set of genuine Girling shocks are correct fitment for the 1969-1970 BSA A50 and A65 models fitted with 13.4″ eyelet to eyelet length, 110 lb. spring rate, and open spring suspension units. The gas tube is 32mm in width and the slimline springs are 51mm wide, for direct original Girling shock replacement. Updated polyurethane bushings are supplied with anodised alloy sleeves for fitment to the frame and swinging arm. A dual ended ‘C’ spanner is included for spring removal and adjusting pre-load on the spring.

With the added adjustability of overall shock length (plus or minus 5mm), as well as spring pre-load, the new Girling shocks represent a substantial upgrade to ride quality and fine-tuned suspension characteristics for vintage British motorcycle enthusiasts. The threaded spring seat and lock rings can be removed, allowing for spring removal without the need for a spring compressor.

Once the correct length bushing sleeves are selected and fitted to the eyelets of the shocks, stock pivot bolts are fitted through the sleeves and mounting cradles on the frame and swinging arm.


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