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Universal Brake Cable Clamp Barnett PN# TBS-0464


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This ingenious universal cable clamp adaptor from Barnett can be used for emergency front brake cable repair, as well as a permanent cable clamp for a custom front drum brake cable when a pre-manufactured cable is not available.

Designed to replace the clevis at the brake drum end of the front cable in countless applications, this clamping adaptor mates the cable to the front brake operating arm on the brake anchor plate. Quality manufactured from Barnett in the US.

When paired with our TBS-3165 Barnett universal brake cable, a custom front brake cable for fitment to almost any drum brake application can be neatly constructed without the need for soldering. Ideal for mid-late 1960s motorcycles with non-standard handelbars, where pre-manufactured extended cables are no longer available.

The adaptor uses a special shouldered bolt that allows the clamp to articulate on the brake arm when the cable is pulled to actuate the front brake. The inner wire of the cable is wrapped around the upper fixing bolt and securely clamped by the plate when the upper nut is tightened.


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