Triumph Pre-Unit Duplex UK Exhaust Pipe Set Fits 1960-62 PN# 70-3632 and 70-4133


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Beautiful English made Triumph exhaust pipes / headers as fitted to 1960 to 1962 650 Triumph Duplex pre-unit twins including T110, T120, TR6, etc. Yes we know the head is from a unit twin. Manufactured by L.F. Harris in the U.K. these gorgeous high luster British chrome pipes are simply the best! Great for a restoration or just to add some mojo to your street bike. 

Please note: Due to varying bans on the use of hexavalent chrome in the chroming process, this item will have varying appearance different than OEM standards. Chromers are frequently using trivalent in their processes. “It’s just not the same color. Hexavalent has that clear blue sheen, but trivalent is more grayish and smoky. Trivalent will not replace the look of hexavalent.”

See our other listings for the header pipe clamps and any other fittings you may need. We also sell U.K. made unit twin pipe sets without the balance pipe fittings and an Asian economy set that are great value for the money.


LF Harris motorcycle spares are produced to the highest quality standards possible utilizing original Triumph tooling, dies, factory blueprints & materials combined with modern manufacturing equipment, tolerances & techniques.



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