Triumph BSA Front Brake Cable w/o Brake Switch 1969-1970 PN# 60-2076B


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SKU: 633726147812 Categories: , OE Number: 60-2076 B D2076Year: BSA A50, A65, A75 1969-1970. Triumph TR25,TR6, T120, T150 1969-1970. Triumph T100 1969-1972Make: BSA TriumphModel: BSA A50, A65, A75, Triumph TR25, T100, TR6, T120, T150 Brands:

This front brake cable is supplied without the brake stop switch and is intended for applications where the stock brake stop switch is to be removed from the original cable and reused. Configured with two separate lengths of housing, the brake switch is spliced in between the 14-3/4″ upper housing and the 23-1/2″ lower housing. A universal brake cable end adaptor is supplied with the cable, in place of the original clevis. This allows for a universal fit for many custom applications.

This front brake cable replaces 60-2076. Suitable for use on BSA and Triumph 500, 650, and 750 models from 1969-1970. The brake switch is not included with this cable. A universal brake cable end adaptor is included with this high-quality cable. The overall length of the nylon-lined sheathing sections is 38.25″ including the shouldered ferrules, with an inner wire free length of 10″. Made in the US by Barnett.

The cable is useful for applications where a shorter length of cable is desired for lower rise or narrower handlebars, and there is no pre-manufactured front brake cable with a brake switch available in the desired length. The universal cable end adaptor replaces the clevis in pre-manufactured cables and allows for differing inner wire free length, as it can be adjusted after being fitted to the brake operating arm on the brake plate.

The cable is measured for proper length with a brake switch fitted in between the two lengths of cable sheathing and cut to the desired length. The resulting length of inner wire is wrapped around the clamping bolt of the adaptor, with the clamping plate tightened down over the inner wire wrap, effecting an anchor between the inner wire and the cable end adaptor. The adaptor is fitted to the brake operating arm and swivels freely on the arm after the retaining nut is fully tightened.


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