Genuine Amal MKII 3.5 Slide PN# 2928/060C


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The Amal MK2 3.5 throttle slide is recommended for use when converting Triumph T140E and T140D models to the European jetting specification.

Appropriate for BSA, Norton and Triumph models fitted with Amal MK2 carburetors from 1978.5-1982.

The throttle valve is used to control air induction into the mixing chamber of the carburetor’s body. The number of the slide refers to the size of the cutaway and has the biggest effect on throttle response from just off-idle to 1/4 throttle opening.

The slide not only is used for fine tuning low throttle positions, but also houses the jet needle, lifting it out of the needle jet when the throttle is opened. The correct slide cutaway is important for low to mid-range throttle tuning.

The top cap of the carburetor must be removed to allow access to the slide, which houses the needle. The needle sits in a bore inside of the slide, next to the throttle cable. The slide return spring retains the needle clip and must be moved aside to remove the needle and throttle cable.

Not for use with Amal 600 and 900 series Concentric carburetors.

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