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Genuine Amal Throttle Slide Original Zinc Alloy PN# 622/060 928/060


SKU: VAR-928-060-622-060 Categories: , , , , , , , , Tags: , , , , OE Number: 622/060, 928/060Year: 1968-1978Make: BSA Norton TriumphModel: BSA: A50, A65L, A65T, B44, B50. Norton: 750 & 850 Commando. Triumph: TR6, TR7, T100, T120, T140, T150 Brands:

The zinc alloy throttle slide is a direct replacement for the original Amal 600 and 900 series Concentric carburetors. The size of the cutaway has an atmospheric influence on the transition between the pilot circuit and the initial main circuitry fuel feeding through the needle jet at off-idle and lower throttle positions. A worn throttle slide will have a negative effect on performance of the carburetor.

600 Series are for 622, 624, 626 concentric carbs. 900 Series are for 928 930 932 concentric carbs.


  • The genuine Amal 3.0 cutaway throttle slide is precision manufactured in the UK. The amount of throttle slide cutaway is designated in 1/16″ for each full increment. Ordinarily, the 3.0 cutaway is specified for twin cylinder engines with dual carburetor cylinder heads, such as the BSA Lightning, Norton Commando, and Triumph T100R, T120 and T140 Bonneville models.
  • The genuine Amal 3.5 cutaway throttle slide is precision manufactured in the UK. Ordinarily, the 3.5 cutaway is specified for bigger displacement single cylinder and twin cylinder engines with a single carburetor cylinder head. The Norton 850 Commando with 932 carbs is an exception as it was originally specified with 3.5 cutaway throttle slides due to its breathing characteristics.
  • The genuine Amal 4.0 cutaway was used on the Triumph T100C from 1969 onward.

The slide is not only is used for fine tuning low throttle positions, but also houses the jet needle, lifting it out of the needle jet when the throttle is opened. There is a separate column in the front of the slide for the choke block, which is operated independently of the throttle slide.

The top cap must be removed from the carburetor’s mixing chamber and the throttle slide assembly withdrawn. The slide return spring must be compressed to allow the needle and throttle cable to be removed. Once the slide has been refitted, the carburetor will likely require adjustment to optimize performance.

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