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Triumph Norton BSA Amal #35 Pilot Jet MK2 PN# 124/026E


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The #35 pilot jet is used as a choke jet in the Amal MK2 carburetors that have been converted to the European non-EPA specification for the Triumph T140E and T140D models.

This jet is applicable to 1978.5-1982 BSA, Norton and Triumph models fitted with Amal MK2 carburetors.

The pilot jet is a threaded jet with a drilled orifice allowing fuel to flow through the idle circuit and is metered by the size of the orifice. Used as a choke jet in the cold-start circuit on an Amal MK2 carburetor.

The choke jet in an Amal MK2 is used with the cold-start plunger to give a rich mixture, enabling easy cold starting. In an early Amal 600 or 900 series Concentric, the #35 pilot jet allows for a rich mixture at idle and may require the pilot air screw to be screwed out more than 2 turns.

The choke jet is threaded into a port in the Amal MK2 float bowl, and on an early Concentric is threaded into the bottom of the carburetor body, requiring the float bowl removal to access the jet.


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