Triumph 350 500 650 1964-1965 Magnetic Non-Spade Venhill Tachometer Cable PN# 60-0529 V D529


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SKU: 633726163812 Categories: , OE Number: 60-0529 V D529Year: 1964-1965Make: TriumphModel: T90 T100 TR6 T120 Brands:

The early unit-construction Triumph twins equipped with Smith’s Magnetic RSM-series counter-clockwise tachometers were driven directly from the end of the exhaust camshaft, without a separate gearbox mounted to the crankcase. This premium cable is correct for this application. Not suitable for use with Chronometric rev-counters.

Made in the UK by Venhill, this cable features a 7-3/8″ long protective armoured cover, an overall inner wire length of 35-3/4″, and a sheath length of 34-1/2″, including the nuts. The inner wire measures 3.7mm thick.

A spade is fitted into a pressed-in thimble located in the end of the exhaust camshaft. A crankcase-mounted threaded tachometer cable adaptor provides the transition from the spade to the squared end of the cable, where the fixing nut secures the cable to the adaptor. This set-up was only used for a short period prior to the advent of the separate tachometer drive gearbox.

The sleeve nut is tightened onto the cable adaptor, once the square-ended inner wire is located into the spade. The knurled nut at the instrument end of the cable is then secured to the receiver on the bottom of the tachometer. Careful attention must be paid to cable routing, as the cable can be fouled by the exhaust system and fork assembly if not correctly fitted.


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