Triumph TR7 T140 Clutch Cable UK-Spec Low Handlebar Venhill PN# 60-4168 UK


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SKU: 633726149731 Categories: , Tag: OE Number: 60-4168Year: 1973-1983Make: TriumphModel: TR7RV, T140V, T140E Brands:

This premium clutch cable is suitable for use on the 1973-1983 Triumph 750 twins with the UK-specification low-rise handlebars. Ideal for low handlebar conversions to the US-specification models as well. May also be suitable for fitment to 1968-1972 Triumph 650 models with low-rise handlebars.

Venhill Featherlight cables are regarded as some of the finest cables available for vintage British motorcycles and are manufactured to original specifications in the UK. This cable is supplied with the rubber boot and an integrated long barrel adjuster and lock nut. The overall length is 50-1/2″, with a sheath length of 47 (including the adjuster), and an inner wire free length of 2-3/4″.

The cable is the link between the control lever on the handlebar and the clutch actuator inside the outer gearbox cover. When the control lever is pulled in, the cable pulls the clutch actuator operating arm upward, disengaging the clutch to allow gear selection. It is important that the length of the cable is correct for the application.

The inspection cap on the outer gearbox cover is removed to allow access to the end of the cable where it is captured by the fork on the operating arm. Once the adjusters on the control lever and the gearbox end of the cable are fully collapsed, enough free inner wire will allow the cable end to be removed from the operating lever. It is advisable to pay close attention to the routing of the cable to avoid adding unnecessary friction to the movement of the inner wire.


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