Triumph Norton BSA Boyer Power BOX Regulator Rectifier Battery Eliminator Light Delay PN# TBS-3572 P/BOX00107


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The cream of the crop for solid state regulators to suit vintage British motorcycles with integrated lighting delay!

We’ve had countless inquiries regarding running Triumph, Norton and BSA motorcycles battery-less with an electronic ignition…here’s the solution! This Boyer powerbox eliminates your stock rectifier and Zener diode, providing bulletproof solid state reliability in a compact, easy to install package (with installation instructions). Lighting delay allows you to still run lights on your bike without having a dedicated lighting switch, perfect for minimalist custom applications. Compatible with 12v single phase charging systems, can be used with or without a battery.*

*Caveat; your charging system needs to be in top notch condition to run battery less with an electronic ignition!!! If your alternator and rotor are still the originally fitted equipment or even older units, the output may not be sufficient to allow your bike to run properly.

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We realize that electrics can be confusing at the best of times so if you have any doubts about what you need don’t hesitate to call. The only stupid question is the unasked one.

Please note: Due the nature of the product, we unfortunately do not accept returns on bearings, service tools or electrical components. Please be confident about your purchase before ordering. If you have questions, please contact us.

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