Triumph BSA Triples Buchanan’s Stainless Conical Hub Rear Wheel Spoke Set 19″ 1971-75 PN# TBS-5014 37-3921 37-3922 37-3923 37-2294


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The best spokes available! Check out our us made stainless steel spoke set by Buchanan’s for triumph & BSA WM3 x 19″ rear rims mounted to the conical hub brake as used on 1971-75 Triumph & BSA triples. If it’s time to re-lace those old wheels this is the way to go! These spoke sets can also be polished for a chrome like finish that will last for years, supplied with Buchanan’s correct proprietary assembly lube to prevent thread galling.

10 x 37-3921 (W3921) stainless spokes
10 x 37-3922 (W3922) stainless spokes
20 x 37-3923 (W3923) stainless spokes
40 x 37-2294 (W2294) stainless nipples

Suitable for Triumph & BSA 750 triples with conical hub rear drum brake mated to 19″ rims from 1971-75, or can be used to mount a 19″ rear rim to your conical hub Triumph/BSA twin.


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