Triumph BSA Norton Tri-Spark Electronic Ignition Kit W/Coils Option PN# TBS-1006 TBS-3586 A 45275 A



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SKU: VAR-TRISPARK-IGN-UNI-COIL Categories: , , , , Year: 1963-1983Make: Triumph BSA Norton Royal EnfieldModel: Twin-cylinder models Brands:


This kit has been assembled to easily facilitate the upgrade to modern electronic ignition for virtually all vintage British twin-cylinder motorcycles originally equipped with side points ignition. The Tri-Spark Classic Twin TRI-0006 electronic ignition system is compatible with both clockwise and anti-clockwise rotation applications and can be used in either positive or negative ground electrical systems. We are offering the ignition and coil kit with your choice of either (2) 40mm 6 volt coils, or (1) dual-lead single 12 volt coil, both from Tri-Spark. Use the dropdown to select which coil configuration suits your needs.

Tri-Spark ignitions eliminate the remote ignition module common to other electronic ignitions by incorporating the trigger/control module and trigger rotor in the timing chest. Improvements in the design of the stator plate have resulted in more thermal protection to the module, and the anti-kickback feature helps safeguard models with electric starters from potential damage. We have paired our premium Tri-Spark coil offerings in these kits to maximize the performance upgrades of the TRI-0006 ignition. The Tri-Spark ignition kit is made in Australia.

The electronic ignition system replaces the original contact breaker points plate and auto advance unit. The upgraded Tri-Spark coils feature extra windings and more robust wire construction for improved spark energy. The (2) 6 volt coils will offer approximately 4.4 ohms of primary resistance when wired in series, while the IGC-2012 dual-lead single coil is rated at 3.6 ohms. By pairing either of these coil options as a kit with the ignition, not only is there assurance that they are compatible together, but a significant price reduction is realized compared to ordering the kit items separately.

The original ignition components must be removed from the timing cover to fit the Tri-Spark electronic ignition kit. The pair of 6 volt coils are a direct fit to the 40 mm coil brackets, as used on many later 1960s and 1970s models. The single dual-lead coil can be mounted on a fabricated apparatus with 1/4″ OD studs spaced approximately 90mm (on center) apart. A comprehensive installation and set-up guide is included with the ignition kit. Tri-Spark also provides excellent technical information on their website

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