Triumph 750 Hagon Premium Rear Shock Absorber Set 100LB PN# TBS-03-2004 SS



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High quality pair of Girling type Progressive replacement shocks by Hagon. 12.4″ eye to eye with 100lb nominal spring weight. Standard length & open spring design for 1973-78 Triumph 750 twins. While not optimum, these can also be fitted to all unit 500, 650 & both Triumph & BSA 750 triples 1968-75 if you’d like to lower your rear suspension 1/2″.

These shocks feature a black body with slimline chrome quadrate progressive springs, double sealed nitrogen cell, automatic compression & rebound damping control & a hard chrome piston rod. Preload adjustment spanner is also included. These shocks are as good as it gets! 

These shocks are NOT for Nortons.

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One thought on “Triumph 750 Hagon Premium Rear Shock Absorber Set 100LB PN# TBS-03-2004 SS

  1. ARE YOU KIDDING? These shocks made my ’78 Bonny ride like a whole nuther critter. Smooth, airy, just plain nice! I cain’t believe it! No more back-breaking jolts and spine-snapping jabs. I am not kidding, the smoothest ride I have ever encountered. Don’t even think about buying those cheaper units.

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