Triumph 650 750 TR6 T120 TR7 T140 Inlet Cam Follower Tappet(s) PN# 70-3059R E3059R


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The cam follower, or tappet, is used in the inlet guide block where there is no provision for an oil passage. The ‘R’ radius offers a slightly flatter profile for increased valve opening duration and is often paired with the E3134 profile camshaft.

The precision machined tappet features a Stellite hardened surface for increased durability. The ‘R’ designation refers to the 1-1/8″ radius and is often called for when fitting aftermarket performance camshafts in the B-range Triumph engine. Made in the UK by LF Harris.

In almost all instances, when new camshafts are being installed, the manufacturer will specify the replacement of tappets showing any wear whatsoever. The inlet tappets can be used in the exhaust guide blocks on pre-unit engines with magneto ignition.

The tappets require pre-lubrication with assembly lube when fitted to the guide block. It is recommended to secure the stems in the guide block with a zip tie or strong rubber band to prevent them from falling out into the engine cavity during installation of the cylinder barrel onto the crankcase.

***Please note*** There are some other very questionable cam followers out there. Ours are U.K. made by the original equipment manufacturer and the best price you will find on these.


LF Harris motorcycle spares are produced to the highest quality standards possible utilizing original Triumph tooling, dies, factory blueprints & materials combined with modern manufacturing equipment, tolerances & techniques.



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