Triumph 500 Pushrod Tube T100 TR5T 1971-1974 PN# 71-2576



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SKU: VAR-71-2576 Categories: , , OE Number: 71-2576 E12576Year: 1971-1974Make: TriumphModel: T100C, T100R, TR5T


The correct pushrod tube and seal arrangement is essential to having an oil-tight top end and proper crush on the cylinder head gasket when the head is torqued to the recommended specifications.

The chrome plated Uk-made pushrod measures 3.405″ from the top of the o-ring shoulder to the base of the tube, while the overall length is 3.970″. The pushrod tube features oil drain holes at the top of the tube.

The pushrod tube diverts oil from the rocker box cavity in the cylinder head to the tappet guide block, where lubrication is provided for the cam followers. The pushrod tube is sealed at both ends with an o-ring.

The rocker box and cylinder head must be removed to access the pushrod tube. Be prepared to replace seals and gaskets upon reassembly. The correct torque specifications must be observed when refitting the cylinder head.

Please note: Due to varying bans on the use of hexavalent chrome in the chroming process, this item will have varying appearance different than OEM standards. Chromers are frequently using trivalent in their processes. “It’s just not the same color. Hexavalent has that clear blue sheen, but trivalent is more grayish and smoky. Trivalent will not replace the look of hexavalent.”

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