Triumph 500 650 Genuine Lucas Wiring Harness for Electronic Ignition 1968 PN# TBS-19112S


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This new cloth-bound wiring harness offering from Lucas features wiring leads incorporated into the loom designed for retrofitting electronic ignitions and modern solid-state regulator/rectifier modules to replace the original components. No more blanking off unused connectors and running exposed wires on the aftermarket electrical upgrade modules. Regulator/rectifier and electronic ignition kits are sold separately.

Manufactured in the UK, the wiring loom is constructed with original style insulated terminals and bullet connectors terminating in the correct locations for the retained original electrical components, but with an electronic ignition feed in the branch to the ignition switch and the earth connections terminating the loom at the original coil location. Supplied with a plug-in multi-connector for fitment directly to the Lucas-branded regulator/rectifiers, which can be easily removed and replaced with bullet connectors or spade terminals for use with other makes of charging modules.

A proper wiring harness distributes power throughout all of the circuits on the motorcycle. With the increasing popularity of electronic ignitions and solid-state charging modules, this version of the Lucas 54953443 wiring loom is ready-made for these upgrades and will result in a tidy wiring arrangement on the 1968 Triumph 500 and 650 ammeter-equipped models.

The harness is fitted to the motorcycle’s chassis using cable ties to retain the various wire branches to the frame. Lucas-type bullet connectors and spade connectors join the wires to the various components in the electrical system. Careful forethought on the placement of the electronic ignition module and the charging module is necessary to allow for minimal modifications to the wiring harness during installation. While a wiring guide is provided with the harness, the wiring diagram in the factory workshop manual may be helpful when installing the harness.


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