BSA A50 A65 Front Brake Cable SLS 1965-1968 UK Made PN# 68-8600


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SKU: 633726151567 Categories: , , Tag: OE Number: 68-8600Year: 1965-1968Make: BSAModel: BSA A50 A65 Brands:


This front brake cable is specified for the US-market BSA A50 and A65 models with the 8″ single-sided hub. The cable is supplied with two separate barrel adjusters, one on the control lever end, and another that is threaded into the extended fulcrum pin on the brake plate. Not for use on the alloy control levers specified for Hornet and Spitfire models.

Made in the UK by Doherty, this high-quality cable is correctly assembled for a proper restoration. The overall length measures 45-1/4″, with a sheath length of 37″, and 4-3/4″ of inner wire free length.

The cable is the link between the control lever on the handlebar and the operating arm on the brake plate. It is important that the length of the cable is correct for the application. This cable has two separate barrel adjusters for fine tuning the cable tension and maximizing the stopping power of the front brake.

The barrel end of the cable is fitted into the control lever on the handlebar, while the opposite pear-shaped end is captured by a clevis on the operating arm at the brake plate. It is important to lubricate the barrel fitting where it swivels within the control lever to prevent binding and ensure a long service life. Refer to the factory workshop manual for guidance when fitting cables.



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