BSA A50 A65 1963-1969 Clutch Cable UK-Spec Barnett PN# 60-2080 B


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This premium clutch cable is suitable for use on the 1963-1969 BSA 500 and 650 twins with the UK-specification handlebars. Not suitable for the 1970 and later BSA twins with the revised clutch actuator assembly.

US-made Barnett cables are supplied in original lengths for stock vintage British motorcycles and are ideal for the most demanding enthusiasts. The overall length is 58-1/2″, with a sheath length of 54-3/4″, and an inner wire free length of 3-1/4″. A threaded adjuster barrel and lock nut are supplied with the cable.

The cable is the link between the control lever on the handlebar and the clutch actuator inside the outer gearbox cover. When the control lever is pulled in, the cable pulls the clutch operating lever, disengaging the clutch to allow gear selection. It is important that the cable adaptor, abutment, and spring-loaded cable connector assembly are all fitted to ensure proper clutch action.

The barrel end of the cable is captured by the control lever with the wire fed through the slotted adjuster and locking nut. With the adjuster on the control lever fully collapsed, the cable is routed through the slotted adaptor and abutment. The pear-shaped end is captured by the connector that passes through the outer timing cover. It is advisable to pay close attention to the routing of the cable to avoid adding unnecessary friction to the movement of the inner wire. 


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