Lucas Triumph Norton BSA etc. Electrical Bullet Connector Brass 1mm (10) PN# 900269A


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The 1mm brass bullet connector is suitable for use as a crimp connector with 18 gauge wires but can also be soldered. Designed for use with the Lucas-type female sleeve connectors, as specified on vintage British automobiles and motorcycles.

The brass bullet connector measures 4.7mm OD and has a 1.43mm conductor hole for 14/030 stranded wiring (approximately 1.0mm). Suitable for soldering 18 AWG and 20 AWG PVC covered wires and crimping 18 AWG PVC covered wires. Made in the UK.

Once the bullet connector is soldered or crimped to the wire, the fitted bullet is inserted into the sleeve connector, making a positive and corrosion-resistant connection. The majority of wiring circuits in vintage British motorcycles with Lucas electrical systems are completed with bullet and spade connectors.

This connector can be joined to the appropriate gauge of wire using a ratcheting crimping tool or by soldering. In either case, approximately 7-8mm of insulation must be stripped from the wire to allow the strands of wires to be inserted into the skirt of the bullet connector, resulting in the copper wire strands to slightly protrude outside of the tip of the connector. The crimp occurs at the waist of the bullet connector, where the outer diameter is reduced. Crimping anywhere else on the bullet will result in a poor connection or damage to the bullet connector. A light application of dielectric grease on the bullet connector is recommended when fitting to the sleeve connector.

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