VIDEO: Stacy Explains the Variety of Front End Tools We Have at The Bonneville Shop

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Check out the short video where Stacy goes over some of The Bonneville Shop tools.

                              “Why do we have 3 different tools to basically do the same thing?”


Hey Guys, this is Stacy at The Bonneville Shop here to talk about front end tools because for some reason we started talking about it!

Basically, the question was, “Why do we have 3 different tools to basically do the same thing?” Well… This does the same as this — they’re all for top fork nuts, every single one of them.

The very old ones were much larger, so this tool is included with this which will give you a much bigger spanner for the top nuts that you found on the pre-unit.

Triumph BSA fork top nut spanner wrench tool










What we really recommend for the top nuts is this guy right here TBS-0047; it has shouldered lips to it so when you have a really nice chrome one of these, it can’t slip through. It won’t slip through when you’re tightening or loosening on it so you won’t scratch the top.

Triumph BSA billet fork top nut spanner wrench tool




Triumph BSA fork top nut spanner wrench tool


If you get a hold of one of these TBS-0022A, it works fine, but when you’re getting into it there’s a chance you could cock is sideways and rip it right across the top and scratch the top of your custom top nuts.











This guy, if you’ve ever been wondering… You probably thought you could take the wrench that was made to unscrew or adjust your rear shocks to take this off. That is not a good idea and you’ll scratch the heck out of it. That’s what we make this for. This used to come in the size specific to your bike when these front ends were popular but now we make them adjustable so you don’t have to do any guess work and you can use them on many different bikes.

Basically, you unscrew it so you can get to the boots and pull the seals out. Fully adjust down, probably about 1 inch (although you probably won’t ever see one that’s an inch) this way you can put all the torque you want to it, you can cock angles to it, and it doesn’t make a difference in your ability to remove your fork seal holders. That’s the point of this tool.

fork seal holder service tool wrench

We were so unimpressed with the quality of the other Triumph/BSA fork seal holder tools out there that we made our own! Absolutely top of the line featuring zinc plating to inhibit rust and oversized, hardened steel, knurled thumbscrews to assure adequate tightening torque and reduce the risk of damage. This Triumph BSA seal holder remove & refit tool will cleanly remove your fork seal holders on Triumph Trident T150, Triumph Trophy, Tiger and Bonneville from 1964 to 1970, Trophy, Tiger, Daytona up to 1974, TR25W, Rocket III A75 to 1970, 1967 Tiger Cub and all BSA twins from 1969 to ’70, etc.


This is a lower fork spanner – it pulls the quadric nut off – it’s going to be your seal cover.

Lower fork bush nut wrench spanner tool

Lower fork bush nut wrench spanner tool

All these tools actually originally came on a Triumph motorcycle in your tool bag. But that doesn’t happen any more because all those tool bags are gone. You can get another replacement tool bag and then you’ll have to get each custom tool for what your front end is going to have to it.

Brit bike tool bag for Triumph Norton BSA


We offer these tools; we offer the front-end tools and we even have the tool bag to put them in and the gray tray case that sat down right by the battery. So, you can replace all the tools that originally came with the bike with the kits we have in our shop!

Check out our entire selection of service tools to help you repair and restore your vintage Triumph motorcycle including sockets, tap and dies, spanners and specialty tools.


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