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Universal 3-Position Handlebar Switch 7/8″ Handlebar PN# TBS-4061


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This versatile handlebar-mounted switch can be used in a variety of capacities, including turn signal selection, headlamp on/off, and as a dipper switch. In addition to the three-position toggle switch, there are two buttons that can be wired for horn operation and ignition cut-out. The clips fit 7/8″ diameter handlebars.

The compact switch features a chrome cover and zinc-plated captive clips with screw trunnions for positive engagement when tightened over the handlebar. This Emgo switch offers solutions for many different electrical system needs. Ideal for custom applications. Supplied with a wiring sub-harness.

The toggle switch has three positions, including a neutral middle position, allowing it to be used as a left/right indicator switch with the “off” position in the middle. Can also be wired to switch from headlamp high beam to “off” and to low beam. The grounding pushbuttons can be used for horn and/or “kill” functions.

The switch is clamped onto the handlebar in a position that allows operation with the rider’s thumb. A multimeter switched to Ohms can be used to establish continuity in the various switch positions prior to fitment on the handlebar. The switch housing can be removed to observe the functions during the wiring process.


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