Triumph TR6C TR6R Air Control/Choke Cable 1968-1970 PN# 60-0747 D707


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Properly sized choke cables are essential for safe and correct adjustments to the choke valve and carburetor. This cable is suitable for the US-specification Triumph 650 single-carburetor models with the Amal 930 Concentric carburetor and handlebar-mounted choke lever. This listing is for (1) cable.

This economically-priced quality cable from Emgo features an inline adjuster, friction-reducing nylon sheath lining for easy operation and longevity, and the correct shouldered “top-hat” ferrule at the carburetor end. Overall length is approximately 43-1/2″, sheath length is 38-3/8″, with an inner wire free length of 4-5/8″. May be suitable for use in the 1968-1970 BSA A65T models also when the carburetor top cap is drilled to accept the top hat ferrule.

The cable is pulled by the motion of the choke lever, allowing it to raise and lower the choke valve in the throttle slide. Fine adjustments to cable lash are made by the inline barrel adjuster on the cable.

The carburetor top cap must be removed to thread the cable through the top cap. The cable passes through the brass sleeve and spring, through the slot in the choke valve, then is captured in the port in the bottom of the valve. Once fitted to the carburetor, the cable can be fitted to the choke lever.


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