Triumph TR6R T120R 650 Front Brake Cable SLS 1965-67 PN# 60-0559 D559


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This is the correct front brake cable for the US-market 1965-1967 Triumph 650 TR6R and T120R models equipped with the “Western” handlebars. Not recommended for the 6T model.

This economically priced cable is specified for the mid-1960s Triumph 650 sports models with the 8″ single-leading shoe front brake drum. The overall length measures 48″, with a sheath length of 39″, and 7″ of inner wire free length. Quality construction from Emgo.

The cable is the link between the control lever on the handlebar and the operating arm on the brake plate. It is important that the length of the cable is correct for the application. This cable has an integrated clevis that is attached to the brake operating arm and activated when the front brake when the lever is pulled.

The barrel end of the cable is fitted into the the control lever on the handlebar, while the clevis end is secured to the brake arm with a pin. It is important to lubricate the barrel fitting where it swivels within the control lever to prevent binding and ensure a long service life. Refer to the factory workshop manual for guidance when fitting cables.


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