Triumph T150 BSA A75 Clutch Cable (1) 1970-74 PN# 60-2445 B


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SKU: 633726147829 Categories: , , Tag: OE Number: 60-2445Year: BSA A75-1970-1972, Triumph T150 1970-1974Make: BSA TriumphModel: BSA A75 Triumph T150 Brands:


This clutch cable is suitable for use on the 1970-1972 BSA A75 and 1970-1974 Triumph T150 3-cylinder models. This cable is particularly suited for the 1973-1974 models with the higher handlebars.

Made in the US by Barnett, this premium quality cable features alloy shouldered ferrules and a friction-reducing nylon lining for easy operation and longevity. Overall length measures 62″, sheath length is 55″, with an inner wire free length of 6-1/4″.

The Borg & Beck automotive-style clutch assembly fitted to the BSA A75 and Triumph T150 models requires a robust cable to optimize performance and longevity. The cable actuates a rotary clutch lever which rides on a bearing. When the control lever is pulled in at the handlebar control, the inner thrust plate separates the clutch plates and the clutch release pull rod pulls the pressure plate outwards, compressing the diaphragm spring and freeing the driven plate.

The barrel end of the cable is located at the handlebar control lever with the slotted adjuster barrel turned fully inward, allowing maximum free wire length. The pear-shaped end of the cable passes through a threaded adjuster and cable abutment on the outer primary cover. The cable end is captured by the rotary clutch lever. A rubber cap is fitted to the cable to protect the inner primary and clutch components from contamination. Review the installation instructions in the workshop manual for more details.

Fitment: BSA A75-1970-1972, Triumph T150 1970-1974

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