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Triumph T140 Fork Oil Seal(s) “Leakproof” Type 1978-1983 PN# 97-7079 W


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One of the changes to the Triumph 750 models for the 1978 model year was the introduction of the “leak-proof” style of fork seal. The new pliable oil seal is retained with a reusable steel washer, or circlip, which is not included in this fork oil seal set. It replaces part number 97-7010.

The “leak-proof” type of fork seals is considered a “floating” design and is compressed into place by the retaining washer, or in some forks, a retaining circlip. The I.D. measures 34mm, while the O.D. is 48mm. 

The updated late-model T140 fork seal is designed to reduce stiction and running friction compared with the previous fork oil seals used on the 1971-1977 B-range models.

The floating-type fork oil seal can be fitted by hand and are retained in place by a steel washer or circlip.


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