Triumph Primary Level Plug M6-1.0 for Wassell Primary Covers PN# TBS-DS57-M


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SKU: VAR-TBS-DS57-M Categories: , Tags: , Year: 1963-1972Make: TriumphModel: 650 Models Brands:


This oil level plug bolt is a metric M6-1.0 bolt for use specifically with the Asian-made Wassell Triumph 650 primary cover. Can be used in other applications where a short M6-1.0 bolt is called for.

This hex cap screw measures 12mm underhead and is an M6-1.0 . The class 8.8 bolt is zinc plated and is fastened with a 10mm spanner or socket.

The bolt is threaded into the level plug hole in the Wassell brand primary chaincase cover.

The use of a metric 10mm socket or spanner is required to tighten the level plug bolt.

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