Triumph Norton Correct 1/4″-28 X 1/2″ UH SNJH-S Bolt Set (6) PN# 14-0101 NM26484 06-0327 06-8075


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The common 1/4-28 TPI UNF bolt is used in many applications on various British motorcycles from 1969-onward, such as license bracket mounts, seat hinges, and fender stays.

This N.O.S. bolt is utilized in makes/models from 1969-1982: BSA A65, Triumph 500, 650, 750 models and Norton Commandos.

The bolt measures 1/4″ x 1/2″ under head and has 28 TPI UNF threads. The head of the bolt has the correct GSF-S markings as used from the factory. There are (6) bolts in this kit.

The bolt is used in different applications where a small fastener is called for, such as fender stay mounting, coil tray bracket mounting, seat hinges, and license plate bracket mounting.

The bolt is threaded into a nut or a boss and often is used with a flat or spring washer under head.

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