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Triumph T100, TR6, T120 Speedometer Drive 2:1 BG5330/287 PN# 60-0373 99-9976


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This is the correct speedometer drive unit for the Triumph 500 and 1966-early 1967 650 models equipped with the Smith’s 120 mph speedometers requiring the 2:1 ratio drive gearbox. T1964-1973 Triumph T90 and T100. 1966 and early 1967 Triumph TR6, T120.

The speedometer drive gearbox replaces the original Smith’s BG5330/287 2:1 reversing drive unit that is bored to accept a 3/4″ rear wheel spindle.

The speedometer drive gearbox is fitted onto the rear wheel spindle and turns with the wheel. The internal gear drives the cable to the speedometer.




LF Harris motorcycle spares are produced to the highest quality standards possible utilizing original Triumph tooling, dies, factory blueprints & materials combined with modern manufacturing equipment, tolerances & techniques.



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