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Triumph Norton BSA Phenolic Tufnol Carburetor Insulator(s) PN# 70-2968


 New, U.S. made phenolic carb spacer with multiple sizes and quantities. We can’t stress enough how important it is to use a rigid spacers like this rather than some of the cardboard / paper ones out there that will inevitably bow the flange of your carb or carbs and cause your slide to stick!

The phenolic, or “Tufnol” insulating block is designed to act as a heat sink between the carburetor(s) and manifold(s) and cylinder head. They are available in four carburetor bore sizes, with two thickness options, .062” and .125”. The thicker insulating block offers greater heat transfer resistance, but in some applications the thinner block is necessary when the threads on mounting studs and bolts are limited. Clearance between the air cleaners and oil tank/side covers should be verified before deciding which thickness is appropriate for proper fitment.

  • 26mm- BSA A50, A75 Triumph T100, T150, T160
  • 28mm- BSA B25, A65T Triumph TR25, T100
  • 30mm- BSA A65L, B44, B50 Norton 750 Commando Triumph TR6, T120, TR7, T140
  • 32mm- BSA B50MX, Norton 850 Commando

Select your carb bore size, thickness and quantity. 


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