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Triumph BSA Norton AJS Matchless Royal Enfield Genuine Lucas 8-0-8 Ammeter PN# 36084 G 99-0566


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The ammeter is useful to the rider as it displays the operation of the charging system while the motorcycle is being operated. This ammeter features a black face with an 8-0-8 scale and is suitable for British motorcycles equipped with alternators and both 6 and 12 volt electrical systems through 1967.

This genuine Lucas 2AR reproduction ammeter measures 1-3/4″ across the chrome bezel and has a 1-5/8″ diameter across the body. Specified for 6 volt alternator-equipped models from the late 1950s through the early 12 volt models with RM19 stators through 1967.

The ammeter is connected between the rectifier and the battery on models with alternator charging systems. The scale shows current readings as engine speeds and electrical loads vary. When the needle is on the ” +” side of the center of the scale, the charging system is sending direct current to the battery.

Ammeters are mounted in the aperture on top of the headlamp shell, so the glass reflector and rim assembly must be removed to access the ammeter. A thin rubber o-ring is useful for sealing around the base of the bezel. The bezel has four thin tabs that are bent down to fit into the shell from the outside, then bent upwards inside the shell to retain the ammeter.

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