Triumph Grey Face Speedo and Tach Speedometer Tachometer Smiths Type 1.25:1 PN# TBS-4194 TBS-4195


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The 150 mph grey-faced speedometer is a replica of the Smith’s SSM SSM 5001/06 instrument, and is compatible with the 1.25:1 speedometer drive gearbox. The grey-faced tachometer is a replica of the Smith’s RSM 3003/01 and is in a 4:1 ratio condition. Suitable for 1967-1970 Triumph 650 models and 1968-1969 T150.

The speedometer is a Smith’s SSM 5001/06 replica. Must be paired with a 1.25:1 or 15/12 speedometer drive gearbox. The tachometer is a Smith’s RSM 3003/01 replica that is a 4:1 ratio. Note that the replicas are 1/4″ taller than the original Smith’s instruments.

The speedometer is driven by the speedometer drive gearbox on the rear wheel that is coupled to the instrument with a rotating inner cable. The tachometer is driven by a tachometer drive gearbox mounted on the drive-side crankcase that is coupled to the instrument with a rotating inner cable.

Both instruments are hard-mounted to a bracket mounted on the top fork yoke.

For black face instruments Click Here.

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