Triumph BSA Norton Matchless AJS UK Made Avon Speedmaster 3.25 X 19 Tire PN# TBS-30-5000


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The Avon Speedmaster is the choice for restorers looking to replicate the tread pattern and profile of the original Dunlop Ribbed 3.25 x 19 front tire, as used through 1968 on the road-going models.

The genuine UK-manufactured Avon Speedmaster is a tube-type front wheel-specific ribbed pattern tire. Although not considered a high performance tire, it is S-rated for high speed capability to 112 mph.

The Speedmaster fits WM2-19 front rims. It is recommended to change the inner tube and rim band when installing a new tube-type tire.

Tires can be changed by hand using levers, or by employing an automated tire changing machine. Once mounted, it is good practice to balance the tire by using varying weights to achieve proper rotation balance.

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