Triumph 500 Comprehensive Waterslide Decal Sheet T100 Models PN# TBS-9101


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SKU: 633726143258 Categories: , , Year: 1967-1973Make: TriumphModel: T100C T100R T100S


The comprehensive decal sheet is ideal for the finishing details on a number of Triumph 500 twin models from 1967-1973, including the Tiger 100, Trophy, and Daytona. The full sheet measures 11″ x 17″

The decal sheet includes an assortment of waterslide decals that can be selected and cut from the sheet for use on several different Triumph T100 models. Waterslide decals are the preferred choice for many restorers, as they can be adjusted after being applied if the placement on the panel is not initially located as intended.

The decals are for use on petrol tanks, oil tanks, side covers, headlamp mounts, air cleaners, and seat pans. The waterslide-type of transfer features a faint border, which allows the application of clear coat finish over the decal to allow for a protective coating and a smooth, uniform finish on the surface of the painted panel.

Generally, the selected decal is cut from the large sheet, then trimmed close to the border of the script. A small basin of lukewarm water is used for submerging the decal for a moment, then when the backing paper is adequately saturated, the decal can be transferred off of the backing paper and onto the desired location. It is important to apply the decal to a clean surface. Blotting the decal with a clean cloth will help remove any air bubbles that may exist under the transfer. 

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