Triumph 500 1968-74 650 1968-70 Battery Box / Carrier and Strap Kit PN# 82-8024 82-8028 82-9255 82-8032 82-8034 82-8091 82-6673


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Your one stop solution for replacing the Battery Box on your 1968-70 Triumph 650 Twin or your 1968-74 Triumph 500 Twin! Battery tray, tray carrier straps, battery strap hook & rubber bits required to mount your battery into the frame. The box is finished with black paint and is altogether malleable to fit a variety of years and models. Depending on the level of finish you desire, you may opt to repaint or powdercoat.

Kit includes the following:

  • 1 X 82-8024 F8024 Battery Carrier / Box / Tray
  • 1 X 82-9255 F9255 Front Battery Carrier Strap
  • 1 X 82-8028 F8028 Rear Battery Carrier Strap
  • 1 X 82-8032 F8032 Battery Strap Hook
  • 1 X 82-9353 F9353 Battery Strap
  • 2 X 82-6673 F6673 Battery Carrier Strap Rubbers
  • 2 X 82-8091 F8091 Rubber Battery Tray Liner (We use one on the bottom & one atop the battery to prevent the battery shorting on the seat pan)
  • 1 X 82-8034 F8034 Battery Hook Spigot Nut


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