Triumph 350 500 Timing Side Crank Bush 1957-1968 Kibblewhite Made in USA PN# 70-4322 K


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This bushing is important as it supports the timing-side crank journal and must be sized correctly to allow oil flow to the big-end journals. A worn crank bush will produce low oil pressure and can cause the rod bearings to seize on the journals.

Made by KPMI in the US, this timing-side bushing is for Triumph part number 70-4322 and fits all Triumph 350 and 500 Unit Twins from 1957-1968. It is available in (3) undersizes to accommodate a machined crank journal.

The bush supports the timing-side main journal of the crankshaft and provides lubrication from the oil pump to the rod bearings. It is installed directly into the timing-side of the crankcase and is an interference fit.

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