BSA A65 A70 Inlet And Exhaust Valve Guide 1971-72 Kibblewhite PN# 71-2300


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The Kibblewhite manganese bronze valve guides are designed with the price conscious engine builder in mind. The guides can be reamed and honed with conventional tools and don’t require expensive honing equipment to finish.

This valve guide is specific to the last generation of BSA A65 and A70 cylinder heads. in the .002″ Quality manufactured in the US by KPMI. Can be used in the inlet or exhaust position in the cylinder head.

The valve guide properly aligns the valve stem to ensure a concentric seal between the valve face and valve seat in the cylinder head. Worn valve guides can lead to excessive oil consumption when the gap between the valve stem and the bore of the guide is too large.

Valve guides are an interference fit and are pressed into the bore in the cylinder head. Reaming and finish honing to fit is a requirement when installing valve guides. It is recommended that valvetrain work be performed by an experienced mechanic or machinist.

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The standard condition valve guide ID measures .3105″ while the OD is .501″.

The .002″ oversize condition, guides are called for when slight distortion in the valve guide bore is present. The ID measures .3105″, while the OD is .503″.

BSA A65 A70 Inlet And Exhaust Valve Guide 1971-72 Kibblewhite PN# 71-2300

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