Trispark Tri-Spark 12 Volt 40mm Ignition Coil(s) Triumph Norton BSA Lucas Type PN# 45276 A


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The latest & greatest from Tri-Spark australia! Top quality 12v ignition coil with extra windings, heavier wire construction and a high-grade core for improved spark energy and duration versus the original Lucas coils & aftermarket alternatives. The appearance and dimensions are the same as the later 40mm Lucas coils (17m12, 17m6). This coil is compatible with 12v points ignition systems and electronic ignitions for British Singles & some Triples.

Warning – these coils discharge with a very high voltage so extra care must be taken to always have a spark plug connected to the HT output.

We understand electrics for British motorcycles can be daunting, if you have any questions regarding fitment and compatibility feel free to contact us prior to ordering.

Please note: Due the nature of the product, we unfortunately do not accept returns on bearings, service tools or electrical components. Please be confident about your purchase before ordering. If you have questions, please contact us.

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