Lucas Triumph Norton BSA Headlamp Reflector Fixing Clips Wires (10) PN# 504665 500291 99-0683


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SKU: 633726126817 Categories: , , , , , , , Tags: , , , , Year: 1950-1982Make: BSA, Triumph, Norton, Matchless, AJS, Ariel, Royal Enfield


These are the correct headlamp reflector fixing clips to secure the light unit to the headlamp shell rim.

These are the thin wire “W” clips used to properly align and secure the headlamp glass reflector to the rim.

The clips are placed over the edge of the reflector and pressed into place under the lip of the rim.

At least four clips are required to provide adequate retention of the glass reflector to the rim. This set includes 10 clips.

For more information view our video: Installing a Headlight to a Rim using Fixing Clips

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