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Triumph Norton BSA Genuine Lucas Dual Polarity BPF LED Headlight Bulb 6V-12V PN# 446 LED G P36D 6-24V


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SKU: 633726163591 Categories: , , , , , , , , , , , Tags: , Year: 1950-1977Make: Triumph BSA NortonModel: 6 or 12 volt models with BPF-style bulb holder Brands:

This new production genuine Lucas dual-polarity headlight bulb can be used in either negative or positive ground electrical systems. LED bulbs are not only brighter and more vibration-resistant than the original incandescent bulbs but they also consume far less wattage.

The genuine Lucas 446 LED headlight bulb features 8 ultra-bright LEDs fitted on a British Pre-Focus (BPF) base to suit Triumph, BSA, Norton, and others through 1977. Can be used in either negative or positive ground applications, with 6-24 volt compatibility.

Vibration-resistant LED bulbs are ideal for headlight applications, where greater illumination without taxing the charging system is desired. Compatible with original Lucas and reproduction headlamp reflectors with BPF bulb receivers. The original 554602 bulb holder is compatible with the base of the 446 LED bulb. A 281 LED high-beam warning light bulb is suggested for use with the LED main beam bulb. When wired in with the polarity reversed, the LED warning light bulb enhances the performance of the LED main beam bulb.

The headlight retaining ring must be removed from the shell to access the back of the glass reflector. The bulb holder is released by turning 1/4 turn counter-clockwise. The headlight bulb can be withdrawn, and the LED bulb is dropped into the socket, with the notch in the round base aligning with the raised guide on the socket. The bulb holder is then fitted and turned clockwise to lock the bulb into place.

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