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Triumph TR25W TR5MX Singles BSA B25 B44 B50 Clutch Cable (1) 1965-73 PN# 60-2083 B


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SKU: 633726147881 Categories: , , Tags: , , OE Number: 60-2083Year: BSA singles 1965-1973 Triumph singles 1969-1973Make: BSA TriumphModel: BSA C25 B25 B44 B50, Triumph TR25W TR5MX Brands:

This clutch cable was widely used on the 4-spring clutch BSA and Triumph single-cylinder models from 1965 through 1973. Not suitable for fitment to the Triumph T20 Cub models.

Made in the US by Barnett, this premium quality cable features alloy shouldered ferrules and a friction-reducing nylon lining for easy operation and longevity. A barrel adjuster and lock nut are also included with this cable. Overall length measures 53″, sheath length is 48-1/4″, with an inner wire free length of 2-3/4″.

The integrity of the clutch cable is critical to the operation of the clutch assembly, as it is the link between the handlebar control lever and the clutch actuator. When the control lever is pulled in, the cable pulls the clutch operating arm in to push the clutch pushrod against the pressure plate, disengaging the clutch assembly.

The barrel end of the cable is located at the handlebar control lever with the slotted adjuster barrel turned fully inward, allowing maximum free wire length. The nipple-end of the cable is captured by the clutch operating arm. Once fitted, the cable adjustment can be restored with the barrel adjuster and lock nut on the control lever. A light smear of lubricant to the swivel and nipple on the ends of the cable is advisable. Review the installation instructions in the workshop manual for more details.

Fitment: BSA singles 1965-1973, Triumph singles 1969-1973


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