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Triumph Norton BSA etc Amal-Type Concentric Stay-Up Float(s) PN# 622/069 W


This float can be used in the 600 and 900 series Amal Concentric MKI carburetors, as well as the Amal MKII carburetors. It is an economical reproduction of the original Amal “Stay-Up” floats and are original equipment in the Wassell Evolution carburetors. Float may have minor imperfections that won’t impair performance.

Fully adjustable and made from puncture-resistant material, this Wassell float is designed to cope with the degrading effects of ethanol petrol and are a significant upgrade over the original all-plastic floats.

The float maintains proper fuel levels in the float bowl and requires the correct adjustment to control the operation of the float needle. The metal tang can be bent slightly to raise or lower the float level in the float bowl.

The float bowl is held in place with two retaining screws and must be removed to access the float. Generally, the carburetors do not require removal from the manifolds to remove the float bowls. It is advisable to closely inspect the float bowl gasket anytime the float bowl is removed from the carburetor.


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