Norton 750 Commando C630 Intake Valve Guide (1) +.004 PN# 50-0405 06-2725


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SKU: 633726174115 Categories: , Tags: , OE Number: 06-2725Year: 1968-1973Make: NortonModel: Commando 750 Brands:


The Kibblewhite inlet valve guides are machined to the highest standards in the industry from C630 bronze. This valve guide is in the .004″ oversize condition and features the groove for fitment of the valve stem seal.

Applicable to Norton Commando 750s from 1968-1973.

When the bore in the cylinder head has been distorted, an oversize valve guide is called for. Machined from extremely durable C630 bronze, this valve guide will give long service life and top performance when correctly fitted to the cylinder head. Made in the USA by KPMI.

The valve guide supports the valve stem and ensures proper alignment of the valve face to the valve seat. The valve springs keep the valve closed when the pressure from the pushrod against the rocker arm is released.

The valve guide is an interference fit into the aluminum cylinder head and will require reaming and finish honing to achieve proper clearance with the valve stem. Once fitted, the valve seats will require light cutting to mate the valve face to the seat. In the case of an oversized valve guide installation, the concentricity of the valve guide bore must be restored prior to fitment of the guide, best performed by a qualified machinist.

Available in standard, +.002 & +.004 oversize


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