Norton 850 Commando Amal 932 Concentric Carburetor Set PN# 932L and 932R


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SKU: 633726167933 Categories: , , , Tags: , OE Number: 932Year: 1973-1975Make: NortonModel: 850 Commando Brands:


The standard Amal 932 Concentric carburetors are a matched set of right and left 32mm units set-up specifically for the Norton 850 Commando models with the special chopped spray tubes. Ideal for a restoration, where the original zinc alloy finish is desired.

The original iteration of the modern Amal 932 Concentric standard carburetors have 3.5 cutaway throttle valves, pressed-in pilot jets, .106 needle jets, 4-ring needles, and 220 main jets. There are access ports for cleaning the pressed-in pilot jets, which are sealed by plugs. Ethanol-resistant “Stay-Up” floats are supplied with these carburetors.

Carburetors are precision instruments that meter fuel with air to provide the correct mixture for efficient combustion. Jets provide the base adjustments and adjustment screws are used for fine-tuning the carburetors. Changes in air filters and exhaust systems can have an effect on jet selection and corresponding fine adjustments.

The mounting flanges are fitted to the inlet manifold studs and secured with nuts. The banjo fittings at the bottom of the float bowls are retained with special bolts that allow introduction of fuel into the float bowls. Supplied with choke assemblies.


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